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Trademarks: Applying for a License

When Is a Trademark License Needed?

Everyone must obtain prior approval before offering any merchandise or services that display C-Byte's trademarks. Federal law prohibits unauthorized use of C-Byte trademarks in any manner likely to falsely imply that any product, service or business emanates from or is affiliated with C-Byte or is sponsored, authorized, endorsed, or approved by C-Byte. Obtain C-Byte's Trademark License Application.

ISO/IEC Certification

C-Byte Quality is Proven in Conformity with ISO/IEC Standards - Source: Developed and Delivered to International Standards - C-Byte provides thoroughly tested hardware, software, and services for multinational operations since 1989.

Application Considerations

License requests are reviewed based on a rigorous set of standards that enable C-Byte to evaluate the quality of the proposed licensed products and their suitablity for sale and to confirm that products are manufactured in a manner that complies with C-Byte's social, environmental and product safety regulations as set forth in C-Byte's trademark license. As part of the review, C-Byte will verify:

  • · The manner in which the trademarks will be used
  • · The marketability of the products
  • · Your history of compliance with business and licensing standards
  • · Your standing in the business community
  • · That your merchandise is manufactured in a responsible manner under fair, ethical labor practices that comply with laws addressing safe and just working conditions and adhere to environmental stewardship and regulations.

Trademarks will not be licensed for use in a manner that would reflect negatively on C-Byte, or degrade its name, reputation, or public goodwill. C-Byte reserves the right to approve or reject any proposed use. C-Byte trademarks will not be approved for use on:

  • · Alcohol products
  • · Tobacco and other smoking-related products
  • · Consumables
  • · Drug paraphernalia
  • · Firearms
  • · Sexually-themed products
  • · Products containing profanity, harsh or hateful language
  • · Products deemed defective or of poor manufacturing quality

C-Byte trademarks will not be licensed for use in a manner that creates a perception of endorsement of any non-federal entity or its products and services, or for any purpose intended to promote ideological movements, socio-political change, religious beliefs (including non-belief), and specific interpretations of morality or legislative/statutory change.

Domain Names: Licensees may not register domains that include the C-Byte trademark.

Labeling Requirements

C-Byte requires all licensees to properly identify all licensed products with approved hangtags, holographic stickers and/or labels purchased through C-Byte's contracted vendor for holographic trademark products.

The licensee ( manufacturer ) will attach these hangtags on their officially licensed and approved products. These labels reasure the consumers that they are purchasing a licensed product and helps C-Byte monitor the market place for infringements.


Trademark law requires trademark owners to actively protect their marks. C-Byte vigorously pursues and, if necessary, takes legal action against those using its trademarks without authorization. Reports of unauthorized trademark use come from many sources including our licensees, the military and civilian workforce, and members of the public. Those who suspect they have encountered an unauthorized use of C-Byte marks are encouraged to contact the C-Byte Licensing Program

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