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Declaration of Consent

Vegas License International LLC and subsidiaries

By attending or participating in any meeting organized by Vegas License International LLC (hereinafter - Events). You give express consent to be interviewed, filmed and/or photographed during such Events by any person including but not limited to Vegas License International LLC companies, subsidiaries, successors and assigns, organizing the Events (hereinafter together called - "Vegas") or anyone authorized by Vegas License International LLC, in or outside the premises of the Events or any other locations.

You give express consent for using your recorded voice, videos and pictures where you filmed/pictured during any Vegas Events or regard such Events in any applicable manner and for any purpose including commercial.

You hereby waive the right to receive any payment or instigate any claims in regards to such release and waive the right to inspect or approve any finished materials.

This consent is express and given by You according to laws of the United States.

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