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Vegas™ with over 250,000 users and thousands of rooms available every day!

Performance & Pricing
Vegas is based out of a Carrier-Class Data Center - the 14th largest Internet Exchange in the world - on a 1 Gbps pipe. Advertisements get to any device, and fast. Vegas accepts orders of $1500 and up, with discounts on larger buys.¹

Our Online Economy
Vegas is a great vehicle for corporate visibility to entertainment companies. Access from movie & music producers account for about 1% of total requests. Over 250,000 people currently subscribe to receive articles by electronic mail. This list is very cosmopolitan, and is primarily made up of people doing business online but also contains several market analysts, well known at market research companies, leading journalists, nearly all the Vegas core team, and several standards groups.

Advertise Online
C-Byte provides very high quality traffic for internet business owners, and sends visitors directly to advertisers. C-Byte visitors come from search engines, and simple word of mouth. What makes C-Byte's visitors unique is that people are on the sites to do business.

Webmasters doing business at C-Byte pay money online to get programming done, and programmers doing business at C-Byte get paid online for providing services. Every person that uses C-Byte has built transactions online; both programmers and webmasters dedicate time and money to doing business on the internet. While most visiting C-Byte online are from North America, many of the programmers are located worldwide, and all can read in English.

Reporting Information
Statistics are available via weekly mailed reports [csv or xls format] or in real-time via a web interface. Obtain a C-Byte advertising account and choose from Vegas advertising campaigns.

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¹ A "Carrier Grade" or "Carrier Class" refers to a system, or a hardware or software component that is extremely reliable, well tested and proven in its capabilities. Carrier grade systems are tested and engineered to meet or exceed "five nines" high availability standards, and provide very fast fault recovery through redundancy (normally less than 50 milliseconds).

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