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Trevor D. Biscope
Founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer

Lenard D. Biscope
Chief Financial Officer

Martin Jarvis
Vice President, European Operations

Richard H. Newman
Chief Legal Officer

Przemysław Kościelski
Board Advisor

Maira Mendoza
Board Advisor

Percy C. Pyra
Founding Board Advisor

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Vegas Brand Rated 2nd in the United States by New York design agency, Landor Associates (2007). The internet served up the biggest winners among US brands last year - Source: Clark, Andrew. "Las Vegas is hot but Google is hotter" theguardian, Web, 5 January 2007 - Las Vegas, which is enjoying a tourism renaissance under the slogan "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas", slotted into second place.

Vegas Brand Rated 8th in the World by Saffron Brand Consultants (2014), "Here's a breakdown of how the list was compiled" · Total Strength Out of 20 - Source: Michael, Chris and Sedghi, Ami. "The world cities with the most powerful brands - get the data", theguardian, Web, 6 May 2014 - "To establish our list of the worlds most powerful city brands, we asked Saffron, a brand consultancy that prides itself on its expertise in urban branding, to update its 2008 study of European cities into an assessment of 57 major cities around the world." · Total: Vegas 15.2 - Source: Michael, Chris "From Milan to Mecca: the world's most powerful city brands revealed", theguardian Web, 6 May 2014 - "The inaugural Guardian Cities brand barometer ranks world cities on everything from transport and weather to crime and social 'buzz' ..." · Vegas tied for 8th Position Worldwide 2014.

Vegas Rated 8th in the United States by the Federal Aviation Administration in Total Passenger Boarding (2016). - Source: "National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems (NPIAS)", Federal Aviation Administration, United States Department of Transportation, Web 21 October 2016 - "North America's airports remain one of the busiest in the world, with several airports ranking amoung the world's top 20 airports for passengers and for cargo." - Source: "Airport Traffic Reports", Airports Council International - North America, 26 October 2017. - "Airports in North America also handle more aircraft movements than any other region worldwide."

'C' is Rated Number 1 Programming Language in the World (2016). Intended to echo the interests of the average Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) member - Source: Cass, Stephen. "The 2016 Top Programming Languages, C is No. 1 but big data is still the big winner", Feature - Computing - Software, Spectrum IEEE, 26 July 2016 · Cached .pdf (150KB) - With more than 400,000 members in more than 160 countries. Source: IEEE, "IEEE Membership", Memberships and Subscriptions Catalog, Spectrum IEEE, 2017 - 45 Societies and technical Councils and ten worldwide geographic regions. "The HP Integrity rx5670 cluster achieved 1,184,893.38 tpmC with a price/performance ratio of $5.52/tpmC." - Source: HP Inc. (2009, December 9). Oracle and HP Set World Record TPC-C Benchmark Result; First to Top 1 Million Transactions per Minute with Clustered HP Integrity Servers Running Linux. [Press Release] - "The result is over 50% faster than the nearest competitive hardware vendor and delivers better than a 30% improvement in price/performance. Today, we reaffirm that we will do our part to ensure that C-BYTE™ can meet its commitment." - Source: C-Byte Company, Inc. (2018, July 9). System Information 487 days uptime (Major Agreements & Related Reports). Las Vegas, Nevada : Vegas License International LLC. - "The Transaction Processing Performance Council (TPC) results for On-Line Transaction Processing (OLTP) and Decision Support (DSS) environments demonstrate the substantial price/performance gains of our next-generation systems." - Source: "The Proof - Developed and Delivered to International Standards - ISO/IEC Certification - C-Byte", ISO/IEC Certification, C-Byte Company, Inc. 1989-2018. - "The TPC benchmarks in OLTP and DSS are centered around principle activities (transactions) of specific environments, written in C."

"The Polo Kid is an accurate portrayal of the inner lives of rising young Americans in the world of polo." - Source: John H. Olson. "5.0 out of 5 Stars Young Americans Rise to Polo Stardom." Rev of The Polo Kid by Nathaniel McCullagh. 6 July 2010 Amazon Video. Web, DVD. - "Any prowess in it takes incredible horsemanship, dexterity and skills far more diverse than required in most other sports. There is no sport like it, the speed, the eye hand coordination." - Source: "The Polo Kid (Official Trailer)" Youtube, commentary by FilmBuff Movies, Web 7 May 2010 youtu.be/aC__rmS5Us4 - "Discover if raw talent and pure determination can over come intimidating odds." - Source: The Polo Kid. Dir. Nathaniel McCullagh. Perf. Adolfo Cambiaso, Nach Figueras, Jordan Leigh, Miguelito Torres, Santiago Torres. FilmBuff Movies, 2009. Amazon Video. Web, DVD. - "Santiago Torres' journey takes him from the polo fields of California to Argentina, Florida, New York and Mexico."

"The Ultimate Proving Ground Trevor learned computer science, the same way he learned to play the B♭ Classical Clarinet, deep-end first." - Source : Biscope, Trevor D. (Board of Directors, C-Byte Company, Inc. Las Vegas, Nevada). Letter from: The Chairman. 22 May 2017. - "At the age of 22, he found himself at the master hard-copy terminal of the country's eighth largest oil company - Renaissance Resources - as the only computer operator of a mainframe system that managed business worth over one billion dollars." - Source: Biscope, Trevor. "ONReady™ - International (ISO/IEC) Master Programmer", Freelancer Technology, commentary by ONReady™, Web March 2003, freelancer.com/u/onready · Cached (.cgi), 9 July 2012 - "5.0 ★★★★★ 60 Reviews." - Source: "Freelancer.com acquires Scriptlance", PR Newswire, Web 9 July 2012. - "Freelancer.com acquires world's fifth largest freelance marketplace, rockets to over 4 million enterprise and professional users."

"A $2.58-billion [CAD] deal that would create one of Canada's largest oil and gas companies" - Source: Chase, Steven & Jang Brent. "Husky buying Renaissance" The Globe and Mail Web. 21 March 2009 Updated - "Husky's planned takeover of Renaissance will yield a combined company that ranks among the top six Canadian-headquartered energy firms, based on market capitalization, oil and gas production and gasoline retailing. South American nation Venezuela tops the list, followed closely by Saudi Arabia." - Source: Gulf Business. "Top 10 Countries With The World's Biggest Oil Reserves", Global Europe Anticipation Bulletin (GEAB) Web. 28 April 2015 - "Canada's oil sands are a significant contributor to the recent growth in the world's liquid fuel supply and comprise the vast majority of the country's proven oil reserves."

September 2018

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